Friday, May 22, 2009

A lucky weekend for all LAS students! We had half-holiday at school today, for the third time in years, I was informed. Examinations for the NAC (Nepal Airlines Corporation) are being held in our school, and Mukunda sir added that it was so because no other place could accommodate the 8000 something examinees. So, we're sent home early so that our classes might be used for the exams. Also, the examinations are to be held on Saturday and Sunday too, and Umesh sir and company prudently decided that they couldn't trust the students to act sojho and examplary on Sunday. Just joking! Anyway, we have a holiday on Sunday too, reasons undisclosed.

And of course you might have guessed what's in it for the school. The chance that atleast some of the 8000+ people might like LAS and admit their children to this school was too much for our school committee to handle. Hence, the toilets are cleaned and made graffiti free, new nets hang in the basketball court and we are ordered to make some 'educational' chart papers and hang them in the notice board. Oh, and the notice boards weren't there yesterday.

Now let me spend this well earned weekend while those future pilots and stewards study their brains out. Good luck!

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