Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Exams Nearby, Posts Delayed

Hi there,
Ok ok I know my posts have been delayed rather a lot but I have a few excuses upon my sleeve ;).

First there is the load shedding problem which anyone can adjust to. Second, as Gupta sir is rather fond of pointing out, the exams are rather near(dammit) and your parents tend to limit your Internet hours.

Anyway, sorry guys but posts are going to be a little delayed from now on for some time. Hope you don't mind and I'll rectify this problem as soon as possible (maybe after a verbal fight with my parents!)


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry, feeling damn weary today!

Today, school was the madhouse. Homework, homework and guess what... homework!

To top it off, a gang fight was in progress today at lunch (between grade 7 and 9, or so it was reported). As fun as it is to watch hulks battle out, it is sort of a anticlimax when your friends come back wounded and shouting expletives.

Well, for the latest school headlines, it seems a post in Interact Club is open (SAP Specific Project Manager) for interested parties. Some students are still struggling to finish their winter vacation project works although the first week is already out. Students who participated in school parents day (drama specifically) may get certificates for all their hard work (hurray!).

So goodbye for today. As I said, there's LOADS of homework to be done and possibly a oral test to be prepared for!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hectic Day at School

Today turned out to be a really busy day. Since I was too lazy to work on Saturday, a lot of unfinished( and some untouched) homework was discovered at school.

So, most of the morning passed by scribbling on my copy at lightning speed and barely recognizable writing. Boy, did my fingers hurt! They're still feeling a bit numb, by the way.

Today was the submission date for our Nepali (language) vacation homework and my homework was what you would call 'barely passable'. No wonder the teacher looked at it with that look of disbelief, probably dreading about having to check that shit.

On the whole, school was a tiring event today. We also had the table tennis competition selection and since I'm just a newbie at T.T, I decided to pass the time by roaming around the school. I discovered quite a lot about my school today, including that the canteen seems to be permanently busy even during class hours.

After pleading a fellow student to include my name in his science project work, I ran to reserve a seat in the bus and was soon off to 'home sweet home' !

First Post of a LA Student

Hi everyone,

If you're reading this, thanks for visiting my new blog.

"This blog is about a student's life, his experiences and challenges. It is about a teenager in a poverty-ridden nation, Nepal in a school with 5000 plus students. In school, he's just another 14 year old, just another face in the crowd.

So this blog is about me, that one face in the crowd, that one student among thousands. It's about someone who wants to share his life experiences and feelings. Simply put, it's about me."

I study in a school called Little Angels School in Hattiban, Nepal. It's among the top ten schools in the nation in terms of education. In student population, I daresay it's number one.

Anyway, it's just another school with a little pros and the regular cons. Dope, smoking, language, unsatisfactory teachers and friends who are so colossally stupid you want to hack their heads off are some of its specialties.

I live in a family of six at home, including grandparents. So, of course it's a little overcrowded for a small sized home but I won't complain (not right now, anyway!) .

Forgive me if I use my alias here because by the time this blog starts gaining weight (or posts) I'm sure to annoy a lot of people. Safety first, you know. I can't just get chucked out of school.

So guys, this is it for today's introductory post. With best hopes that I make many friends and no enemies with this blog, let us part.

Adieu Pals!