Saturday, October 23, 2010

It all seems so far back in the past now. I look at what I'd written when I was in ninth or tenth grade and smile, with fondness mixed with sadness. I'm actually an A-level student now, in one of the leading institutions of the country, among rich snobs who eat out at KFC every other day. I feel so left out. I can't write anymore right now. I'm missing all my old friends.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Offbeat Topic: A little about my alias

When you plan to write a school diary that might possibly reveal embarrassing and suppressed information about the school, an alias is a basic necessity. If you'd been here for my earlier posts, you might have noticed that I used a different nick, one which hopefully no one remembers. It was something I used on lots of websites and thus could be traced to me. And well, expulsion, although a rare possibility, is not still impossible.

So I shedded my saner nick and took on this Victorian name, Edward. I was reading Twilight at that time against my better judgment (actually I was forced to read by one of my friends) and this name was stuck in my mind. So ?????? became Edward and the world finished yet another rotation. Amen.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A lucky weekend for all LAS students! We had half-holiday at school today, for the third time in years, I was informed. Examinations for the NAC (Nepal Airlines Corporation) are being held in our school, and Mukunda sir added that it was so because no other place could accommodate the 8000 something examinees. So, we're sent home early so that our classes might be used for the exams. Also, the examinations are to be held on Saturday and Sunday too, and Umesh sir and company prudently decided that they couldn't trust the students to act sojho and examplary on Sunday. Just joking! Anyway, we have a holiday on Sunday too, reasons undisclosed.

And of course you might have guessed what's in it for the school. The chance that atleast some of the 8000+ people might like LAS and admit their children to this school was too much for our school committee to handle. Hence, the toilets are cleaned and made graffiti free, new nets hang in the basketball court and we are ordered to make some 'educational' chart papers and hang them in the notice board. Oh, and the notice boards weren't there yesterday.

Now let me spend this well earned weekend while those future pilots and stewards study their brains out. Good luck!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not the Same

The last day. That was the thought going through everyone's minds, accompanied by a feeling of euphoria and celebration as well as nostalgia and sadness.

The teachers were especially courteous and looked on at the whole class with a hint of pride, one that I suspected we hadn't earned.

"It's the last day, yaar." said Jon, "Next year we'll be tenth graders and then college! Just think, we'll be past school!"

It was as if the whole 9th grade was reminiscing their childhood, reveling in their old carefree days and gradually accepting the new responsibilities and expectations that they were expected to live up to. Tears were being hastily wiped and contact information was shared between old chums.

We got the class photo around midday and then the photo signing began. Everyone signed everyone's photos, no closeness needed. I remember boldly proffering my photo at two guys I'd once spoken to once or twice during the whole year. We were smiling and congratulating each other as if we'd been best friends.

I looked at my whole set of friends, wishing that we'd be together the next year too. But classes were shuffled each year as bosom friends slowly turned to friendly acquaintances. It won't happen to us, I thought confidently, as I chased my two best friends, friends I'd acquired during my one-year stay at Little Angels School.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Technorati Profile

Exams Nearby, Posts Delayed

Hi there,
Ok ok I know my posts have been delayed rather a lot but I have a few excuses upon my sleeve ;).

First there is the load shedding problem which anyone can adjust to. Second, as Gupta sir is rather fond of pointing out, the exams are rather near(dammit) and your parents tend to limit your Internet hours.

Anyway, sorry guys but posts are going to be a little delayed from now on for some time. Hope you don't mind and I'll rectify this problem as soon as possible (maybe after a verbal fight with my parents!)


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry, feeling damn weary today!

Today, school was the madhouse. Homework, homework and guess what... homework!

To top it off, a gang fight was in progress today at lunch (between grade 7 and 9, or so it was reported). As fun as it is to watch hulks battle out, it is sort of a anticlimax when your friends come back wounded and shouting expletives.

Well, for the latest school headlines, it seems a post in Interact Club is open (SAP Specific Project Manager) for interested parties. Some students are still struggling to finish their winter vacation project works although the first week is already out. Students who participated in school parents day (drama specifically) may get certificates for all their hard work (hurray!).

So goodbye for today. As I said, there's LOADS of homework to be done and possibly a oral test to be prepared for!