Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry, feeling damn weary today!

Today, school was the madhouse. Homework, homework and guess what... homework!

To top it off, a gang fight was in progress today at lunch (between grade 7 and 9, or so it was reported). As fun as it is to watch hulks battle out, it is sort of a anticlimax when your friends come back wounded and shouting expletives.

Well, for the latest school headlines, it seems a post in Interact Club is open (SAP Specific Project Manager) for interested parties. Some students are still struggling to finish their winter vacation project works although the first week is already out. Students who participated in school parents day (drama specifically) may get certificates for all their hard work (hurray!).

So goodbye for today. As I said, there's LOADS of homework to be done and possibly a oral test to be prepared for!


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