Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Post of a LA Student

Hi everyone,

If you're reading this, thanks for visiting my new blog.

"This blog is about a student's life, his experiences and challenges. It is about a teenager in a poverty-ridden nation, Nepal in a school with 5000 plus students. In school, he's just another 14 year old, just another face in the crowd.

So this blog is about me, that one face in the crowd, that one student among thousands. It's about someone who wants to share his life experiences and feelings. Simply put, it's about me."

I study in a school called Little Angels School in Hattiban, Nepal. It's among the top ten schools in the nation in terms of education. In student population, I daresay it's number one.

Anyway, it's just another school with a little pros and the regular cons. Dope, smoking, language, unsatisfactory teachers and friends who are so colossally stupid you want to hack their heads off are some of its specialties.

I live in a family of six at home, including grandparents. So, of course it's a little overcrowded for a small sized home but I won't complain (not right now, anyway!) .

Forgive me if I use my alias here because by the time this blog starts gaining weight (or posts) I'm sure to annoy a lot of people. Safety first, you know. I can't just get chucked out of school.

So guys, this is it for today's introductory post. With best hopes that I make many friends and no enemies with this blog, let us part.

Adieu Pals!

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